How to Tell Your Heating and Cooling Service Provider What Sound Your System is Making

May 04, 2017

Your system has a set of sounds that it normally makes. All in all, they should go unnoticed. If your system is making unusual or disruptive sounds, you probably have to call in an expert for a service visit.

Listen thoroughly to the things you’re hearing, shut off your system and call in experts like Home Comfort Heating & Air. Your system might simply have a disconnected part. The noises could also be an indication that larger repairs are needed. If you know how to define the sounds your system is making, you can help your service professional create a solution.

Here are some familiar sounds that indicate a need for heating and cooling service:

  • Continual clicking—You can hear a clicking sound when your system turns on and off, if you listen hard. This is routine. However, if you hear this sound repeatedly, you definitely need a heating and cooling service appointment to find out if it’s a problem with the system’s relay or its electrical control.
  • Rattling, banging, clanking or thumping—Rattling usually means a loose part. Louder banging or thumping sounds could mean a part of your system is altogether broken or disconnected.

Routine maintenance can prevent some of these noises from ever starting. If you schedule maintenance appointments with Home Comfort Heating & Air, we can identify and repair potential problems before they can get worse. Give us a call at 763-276-0617 or use our convenient online scheduler to make your appointment.