Furnace Maintenance in Elk River, MN

Furnace maintenance

Your furnace typically quits working at the most inconvenient time. Like the middle of the chilliest winter day. Or during a snowstorm. Then you’re responsible for bills for furnace repair that you weren’t ready for.

Like visiting the doctor, furnaces must have yearly maintenance. That’s why we do furnace maintenance in Elk River, MN. It could help you prevent sudden bills and keep your furnace running smoothly throughout the heating season.

Our heating and cooling experts will take a close look at your system when you have regular maintenance, likely finding problems before they are a big problem. Expert service has the chance to also make your furnace operate more efficiently, helping you with added savings on utility expenses.

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3 Benefits of Annual Furnace Service

Heating service provides a host of advantages for your system and house. Here’s three of the most impactful ones.

1. Keeps Your Family Safe

Most heaters use natural gas to generate heat, and the heat exchanger has a crucial part in the process. If the heat exchanger is cracked, carbon monoxide may build up in your house. Also, it can be lethal in high amounts.

We’ll check the heat exchanger, as well as burners and valves to make certain your residence is safe.

2. Lowers the Likelihood for Repair Calls

It’s hard to find a worse time for your furnace to go out than the middle of winter. Especially when you realize you had the chance to prevent it.

Making sure you have covered heating maintenance means our technicians can examine your equipment and make sure everything’s operating like it should. That way, you might be able to avoid costly work down the line. Since we’re already looking at your equipment, we can also help you figure out when it's time for new furnace installation.

3. Maintains Heating Effectiveness

Routine care isn’t only suggested to keep dust off your equipment, it is an important role in keeping your heating operating at peak performance during the most frigid times of the winter.

What Does Furnace Service Involve?

Furnace reader
Keeping gas heaters in great shape might feel tough, but we make it easy with our routine maintenance for heaters.

Our experts’ work covers the following:

Examining Core Components

We’ll check critical parts, like the blower motor, heat exchanger and burners, to make certain they’re clean and running properly.

Checking Electrical Connections

We’ll ensure your furnace’s electrical pieces are working properly and that you don’t have unsecured connections.

Confirming Airflow

We’ll confirm there aren’t any obstructions that could factor in to your heating system’s operation or lessen your comfort.

Checking Full Heating Operation

We’ll inspect controls and safety devices to ensure your heater is running properly and efficiently.


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At Home Comfort Heating & Air, we want to surpass merely taking care of your heating concerns. Our aim is to keep your HVAC system working during the coldest winter day. And make sure your home is a cozy, relaxing place.

When it comes to boosting comfort, efficiency and dependability, an HVAC system tune-up is one of the most critical things you can do for your system. Our heating and cooling service experts understand how crucial it is to keep your heating and cooling systems functioning each and every month.

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